Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

I know, it's been a while again!  I have lots of photos to share and lots to catch up on!

I was scurrying around at the end of October getting ready for surgery.  I had a hysterectomy the first week of November, and needed to get things settled before the surgery.

I finally attached a couple of the tractor parts/ornaments to the barn.  I didn't put them all up, since so need some new paint.

Here's the "boys", Cosmo and Merlin - father and son, playing with a tire in their pasture.

I went to the quilt show in East Aurora in October, can't say I was awed like I had been other years.  But still some really amazing pieces.

A close up of the one panel above ... I love how the flowers were created!

My ornamental grass by the road, always puts on a very late show.

Silly Bailey keeping my seat warm.

My Christmas cactus, doing really well in the garden window in the kitchen, so well I bought another one for the window.

Silly barn cat, Seneca, soaking up the sun on the deck.

Lily and her friend Barn Girl, the other barn cat, enjoying a sunny day.

And then Snowvember hit!  I was two weeks out of surgery, recovering nicely, and the storm came.

My town didn't get much snow the first couple of days, but then on Thursday November 20th, it snowed non-stop all day.  My snow-dogs .....

My lovely neighbor Sally came to get the dogs out to do their business.  I wasn't supposed to be lifting anything, so couldn't shovel, but I did manage to make some paths with a broom. Sally took the dogs out to the road where the plow had been and they were able to go potty.

I had to keep up on my path to be able to get out at all.

My other neighbor Ron, he normally snowplows for me, was able to make a path back to the barn.

And it snowed ....

It finally stopped and the sun came out!!  Our town ended up with 69.3 inches of snow.

And more neighbors appeared!  I had 2 neighbors with their snow blowers, one with a tractor and snow blower, and 2 more that shoveled.  It felt so good to be able to walk out my front door for the first time in days!

I was amazed to see that one of my hunters decided to brave the deep snow and go hunting.  He said he would never do that again, by the time he got to his tree stand he was overheated and sweating ... and then he got chilled.  And he didn't see any deer!

And then it melted, and people were worried about flooding.

Just as quickly as the snow came, the snow melted ... it turned into mud season!  I hate mud season!

Had to grab my camera when I walked into my bedroom and saw Figaro staring at me from my bed.  The lump in front of him is Bailey sleeping under the comforter.  And I wonder why I breathe in pet hair all night long!

Here's my neighbor Sally again, she's my dogs second mother.  When she walks Lily around the pond, Seneca the barn cat follows her too.  She often sits on the bench and gives him some loving.

More pictures of pets on the bed ... silly Lily with Bailey & Figaro ....

Turned out to be a green Christmas, temps in the high 30's, no snow.  My brother-in-law Tim cooks for us.  So I stocked up on champagne, so he could have Mimosa's while he cooked.

He made a delicious prime rib and twice baked potatoes.

Sister Sandy brought her dogs reindeer ears with her, so we could put them on my dogs. Lily could have cared less, as usual ... she's like that about most things.

Rocky didn't like them at all ... no surprise there either!  LOL!

My small Christmas tree.  I went smaller last year and donated my big fake tree and tons of ornaments to a family we sponsored through work.  They were thrilled to get a tree and ornaments.

And this wonderful statue my sister found for me.  It's a Mackenzie-Childs piece.  Pretty appropriate with a donkey, dog and cat!  Just blew me away!

I hate caricatures of donkeys, so was thrilled to see such a good looking donkey!

And of course the cat and dog are pretty special too!

So now I've caught up for the year .... Hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year!  On to new things next year!


  1. Hi Pam - I love your site. The dogs, cats, donkeys, flowers, and art! Your beautiful dog Lily caught my eye because she looks so much like my old dog Weezl. Because Weez came from a shelter we had to guess that she was GSD and BC, but maybe she was GSD and aussie like Lily. Hope you're well. Thank you for sharing the beauty around you,
    A Friend from Minnesota

    1. Thanks Friend from Minnesota! You inspired me to post a new blog!